Cultures Clothing’s 50 State Initiative Promotion

I’m starting a 50 State Initiative Cultures Clothing Promotion…which means that I’m?looking for a Cultures Clothing representative in every state. Here’s the deal: I’ll give you your own specific promotional code to represent Cultures Clothing in your state. ?You can use this code to give to family members and friends, so that they save money on all of their Cultures Clothing purchases. ?For every three sales come in using your specific Cultures Clothing State Representative Code, You get free Cultures Clothing Merchandise (hats, tees, buttons, wristbands, etc.). ?Simple as that. And yes, you will get something new on every 3 sales that you help me get. Sounds good, right? You get free goodies just for helping me promote. Contact me at to get more details and to get your Cultures Clothing representative code. ?Please leave me your full name, contact number, and mailing address in your email (so that I know where to send the merchandise after you reach your promotion goals). ?Thanks for your support!

Alloyius Mcilwaine, Cultures Clothing Co.



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