Top 50 Hip-Hop Songs of 2013 (At The Halfway Point) – by Alloyius Mcilwaine

Every December, I do a “Hip-Hop Year in Review” article showcasing the Top 100 Hip-Hop songs of the year.
Every December, I do a “Hip-Hop Year in Review” article showcasing the Top 100 songs of the year. ?June 15th (my birthday 8) ) has come and gone, marking the halfway point in the year…so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to look at what Hip-Hop had to offer so far. ?I decided to create a “Top 50 Hip-Hop Songs Of The Year” list to showcase the best singles created in the first half of the 2013. ?Truth be told, this has not been a great year for Hip-Hop up to this point. ?Things may pick up as the year progresses, but as of June 2013, there are only a few albums that have stood out to me (including “Beautiful Raw” by Qwel & Maker…my current front-runner for “Hip-Hop Album of the Year”). ? However, after doing some digging, I have come up with enough songs to create a legitimately solid Top 50 list…featuring artists ranging from Big Daddy Kane & Rakim to?Joey BadA$$.


Before I present this list to you, I have to do a bit of a disclaimer. ?Some of you might come across a list like this and get upset because you don’t see songs from some of your favorite commercial rap artists like A$AP Rocky, Drake, and Kanye West. ?I have friends that legitimately hate all artists that get radio airplay and won’t even give their music a chance (because the majority of commercial rap is terrible). ? I’m not that kind of person. ?I DO think that the majority of commercial rap is terrible, but I try to judge everything on a song by song basis so that I can develop a more informed opinion. ?Case in point, a song featuring Rick Ross made it onto this list, and I usually cannot stand Rick Ross. ?However, after listening to the “Poor Decisions” track (that he did with Lupe Fiasco & Wale), I thought that he actually had something relevant to say. ?I try to create these lists without any bias. ?My only real requirement for making my “Best Of” lists is that you impress me. ?I love creative, soulful, thoughtful Hip-Hop with solid production & great lyricism. ?The songs that made the list are the songs that exemplified this and impressed me the most up to this point in the year. So, without further adieu:

At The Halfway Point – Top 50 Hip-Hop Songs of 2013 (In No Particular Order)

1)?“Long Walkers” – Qwel & Maker:

2) “Nite & Day” – Marco Polo ft. Big Daddy Kane:?
3) “What You Need” – Moe Pope & Rain:?
4) “Love Is Blind” – Co$$:?
5) “Push Thru (Marco Polo Remix)” – Talib Kweli ft. Curren$y & Kendrick Lamar:?
6) “Charlie Brown” – ScienZe ft. Blu: ?
7) “Sun Shine” – Doppelgangaz:?
8 ) “Built Pyramids” –?NORE aka PAPI feat. Large Professor:?
9 ) “Savagely Attack” – Czarface (7L & Esoteric and Inspectah Deck) ft. Ghostface:?
10)?“Life Is A Gamble” – Big K.R.I.T. ft. B.J. the Chicago Kid: ??
11) “Congratulations” – Common ft Cocaine 80’s:?
12)?“Acid Rain” – Chance The Rapper:?
13)?“LIFE” –?Thomas Prime & Tiff The Gift ft Akin Yai (CYNE), Awon & Dicap:?
14)?“Good Things Die” – Ugly Heroes (Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, Red Pill):?
15) “Summer Breeze” – Slum Village:?

16) “Dag, Philly Too” – Homeboy Sandman w/ El RTNC (formerly Rthentic RTNC):?
17) “Without You” –?7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi):?
18)?“Learn Truth” – R.A. the Rugged Man ft. Talib Kweli:?
19)?“Unorthodox” – Joey Bada$$:?
20)?“Rise of the Black Suits” – Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge:?
21)?“Divine People” – Shing Shing Regime:?
22) “Masterful” – John Robinson & Kyo Itachi:?
23)?“Holy Visions” – Zion I ft. Fashawn:?
24)?“Nina” – ANTHM:?
25)?“Be Yourself” – Shuko ft. Blu:?

26) “Spraying My Pen” – K-Os ft. Saukrates & Shad:?
27)?“Poor Decisions” – Wale ft. Lupe Fiasco & Rick Ross:?
28) “Mandingo Rally” – The White Mandingos:?
29)?“Open Letter Pt II” – Jay-Z ft. Common: ?
30) “Lake Effect” – Qwel & Maker:?
31)?“Barbituates” – Doppelgangaz:?
32) “Love Again” – Co$$:?
33) “Long Drive Home” – Ugly Heroes (Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, Red Pill): ?
34) “Loud Enough” – Moe Pope & Rain ft. John Robinson:?
35) “Bird’s Eye View” – Statik Selektah ft. Raekwon, Joey Badass & Black Thought:?
36) “Banana Clip Theory” – Big K.R.I.T.:?
37) “If I Could Sing” – Qwel & Maker:?
38) “Come Here” – Talib Kweli ft. Miguel:?
39)?“What’s Wrong” – Rakim:?
40)?“Space Mountain” – Koncept ft. Tanya Morgan:?
41)?“Visionz” – Killah Priest:?
42)?“Expectations” – Supastition ft. Shylow:?
43)?“Ring The Alarm” – Divine ScinZe ft. Blu:?
44)?“Make Up Sex” – Substantial ft. Deacon the Villain:?
45) “Animal Pharm” – Lupe Fiasco ft. Thom Yorke:?
46) “Day In The Life” – Joey Bada$$:?
47) ?“When It Rains” – Dag Savage ft. Aloe Blacc:?
48)?“Men Of Honor” – 7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies + Tragedy Khadafi) feat. Relentless:??
49) “Hip-Hop” – Wyclef:?
50)?“Art Imitates Life” – Talib Kweli ft. Black Thought & Rah Digga:?


Honorable Mention

“Canarsie High” – Ill Bill
“360 Waves” – Durag Dynasty
“The Maven” – K-Rino
“BBQ (Family Reunion Remix)” – Substantial
“Best Worst Day” – Supastition
“New School, Old School” – Classified
“My First White Girl” – The White Mandingos
“Give Em Eff” – Julian Malone
“We Movin” – AZ

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